Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team has members participating from all over the world!

Let’s listen to them about their experiences with the team!

I’m Laura from Canada. As part of KIZUNA team I’ve met so many wonderful people from across the world. Nothing truly compares to dancing in the hot Japanese summer and sharing in an amazing experience with new friends.

I’m Ryan from the USA. I saw a Yosakoi festival in 2015 for the first time and was just blown away. So I joined my university’s team. I’m in the flag team of KIZUNA. Our team is made up of many people from very different backgrounds who work together towards one goal. Thanks to the support of many people, we strive to put on a wonderful performance for the community.

I’m Kasia from Poland. I started dancing yosakoi in my home country, Poland in 2012. Making international friends, dancing at the Yosakoi Festival in Kochi, Japan, and working on the costume team are precious yosakoi experiences for me.

Hi, I’m Laura from the team Komainu in France! I discovered Yosakoi during a trip and, thanks to KIZUNA, I danced in Japan in 2019 with people from everywhere in the world. This experience was so great that I signed up for another year! Why don’t you join us next year too?

I’m Lin from Singapore. I’ve only danced Yosakoi in Singapore and KIZUNA team gave me the chance to experience Kochi Yosakoi Festival with dancers from across the world. I was truly captivated by their energy and passion.

I’m Eleanor (Elly) from Australia. As a member of KIZUNA International Team, I’ve been able to make many friends with dancers from around the world, and hope that together, we can promote Yosakoi globally. Let’s exchange our cultures by dancing Yosakoi together!

I’m Keita from Kochi! Three days before the festival, we meet with our members who gather from around the world in Kochi. During our Yosakoi camp we do international exchange and rehearsals. Dancing Yosakoi with these deep connections born from our camp is truly fun! Also being together with many overseas friends feels as if I’m in a foreign country. I can’t get enough of it! KIZUNA!

Hello everyone! I’m Taka, participating from Poland. I encountered and was enchanted by Yosakoi after going to Poland. I want you to experience the excitement of creating a group with people gathered from around the world -which goes beyond the boundaries of one’s country, culture, language or Yosakoi experience- by joining KIZUNA International Team with us!