Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team
Recruiting Members for 2022!

Message from Team Leader

‘Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team’ invites those who love Yosakoi from all over the world to participate in Yosakoi Festival (Kochi), Harajuku Super Yosakoi Festival (Tokyo) and other festivals/events around the world.
Our team objective is to further promote the wonders of Yosakoi, Kochi and Japan across the world through communicating experiences of an authentic Yosakoi Festival.

Together with us, would you like to build connections which overcome country, language and cultural differences and lead international exchange through Yosakoi? We warmly welcome those who would like to further their Japanese/English language skills, and have no experience of Yosakoi. Friends worldwide will support you!
Experience the joy and excitement with us! We look forward to spending with everyone the best yeah ever!!


Introduction of Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team

Our team members who love yosakoi, including the Yosakoi Ambassadors of different countries (teams/individuals certified by Kochi prefecture to help promote yosakoi around the world) gather together to perform in Yosakoi Festival(Kochi), Harajuku Super Yosakoi Festival (Tokyo), and other events.
We overcome language and cultural differences by dancing Yosakoi together and creating a strong bond(KIZUNA) with one another. Members will bring back their experiences from Japan to their home countries and share with everyone the amazingness of Yosakoi, Kochi, and Japan.

For more details about the team please check this page.

There are also 2018 and 2019 performance videos. Please take a look!

2022 Performance Theme

Just like the Olympic symbol, the five connecting rings that represent the five continents, we too aim to connect the world through yosakoi, tying a strong bond amongst everyone. We overlap the efforts, joy, and brilliance of the Olympic athletes with our dancers who love Yosakoi and come to Japan from around the world. Our dance cheers on everyone who is putting forth their best efforts across the globe.

While we were unable to perform in 2020, we were able to create the music video “GO!” with the dancers from around the world thanks to Furachinarhythm, the band who produced this song for us.

Be sure to check it out! (Furachinarhythm’s official Youtube channel)

Song Details

KIZUNA International Music Team

Production & Performance: Furachinarhythm
Vocals: Naofumi Mori, Megumi Yanagi
Chorus : Keita Sasagaki

“Furachinarhythm” a band with a strong connection to Kochi, produced our song for us.
During the festival, Furachinarhythm, the team’s “diva” Megumi Yanagi, and Keita Sasagaki whose in charge of the chorus and cheering us on, will be enlivening our performance as the “KIZUNA International Music Team”!
※Please understand that there may be some festivals that the “KIZUNA International Music Team” will be unable to perform in with us.


Lyrics・Composition: Naofumi Mori

Arrangement: Furachinarhythm 


Performance: Furachinarhythm 

Vocals: Naofumi Mori, Megumi Yanagi

Chorus: Keita Sasagaki, Nanami Nana、REE REE (Vitamin Kiss), Chisa Otake (Chirol), Kaori Horie

Choreography: Chika Nakagawa

Our choreography was created for us by Chika Nakagawa, a belly dancer originally from Kochi whose activities are widely based in Kochi. She has 20 years of experience in Yosakoi.  

There are parts in the choreography that show the audience which dancers are from which countries, and where the audience and dancers clap their hands together. 

The choreography of “GO!” brings together dancers from all over the world. We hope you enjoy it!


We’re planning to have five differently-colored versions of our costume to resemble the Olympic 5-ring symbol mark that represents connecting the five continents of the world. In addition to the blue and orange versions of 2019, we’re going to add red, green, and black. The back of the costume will be the same furafu (flag) print.
The furafu print on the back flows like a cloak. Brightly-colored flowers are scattered about, leaving a beautiful and striking impression.
The head-decoration is hand-made individually by our members. It is created by a method known as the ‘Tsumami technique’ (fabric flower-making where you pinch and fold the cloth like origami paper).
This costume and head-decoration are our pride and joy! It’s a sign of our love for yosakoi and Kochi!

Eligibility for Recruitment

Festival Participation Schedule

①Yosakoi Festival (Kochi, August 2022)

②Harajuku Super Yosakoi (Tokyo, August 2022)

④We are also planning to perform in other festivals held in Japan and some of the countries our team members reside in.

※Performance participation may be postponed depending on whether or not the festivals can be held due to the impact of COVID-19, and other circumstances that may impact the team.

※We are recruiting members who align with the team’s concepts and goals, and who would like to support our team’s activities. So we are welcoming not just dancers for the festivals, but also staff members.

Recruitment Period

From December 1st 2021 until January 15th 2022

(Reduction or extension of this period may occur depending on the number of applications)

Number of Recruiting Members

We are preparing for 80 members.

Application Process

1. Complete necessary sections of the “Initial Application Form” located at the bottom of this page (after submitting the form there should be an automated message to your inbox from Google. If you do not receive this email then that means the form did not submit successfully, so please try sending it again).

2.Within 10 days of submission, you will be contacted by a team representative with further details. Please take note that even at this point participation in the team is not yet officially confirmed.

※Double-check your email settings ahead of time to make sure you are able to receive emails from “kizunainternationalteam@gmail.com”. If you do not receive a response from the team after 10 days, it may be that the email is in your spam inbox or your email recipient settings prevented the email from arriving, etc.
After confirming your settings, please reach out to “kizunainternationalteam@gmail.com”.

3.We will have an interview with you once we receive the Initial Application Form. The interview will be conducted online (usually through Zoom, LINE, Facebook Messenger, etc., as a face-to-face video call). The interview will consist of an explanation on the team by a team representative or management staff member. In addition we’ll be talking with you about your hopes in participating with our team.

4.If you decide to still join the team, you will re-register with the team and the process will be completed.

Participation Fees

Membership fees, costume, accessories, and expenses for each participating event is required. Further details will be provided after initial application.

Initial Application Form

Please fill out and send the necessary sections of this form

Come experience international exchange through Yosakoi with us in 2022!
We’re waiting for everyone’s applications