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Originating in Kochi, Yosakoi is loved not only by the Japanese, but by people from all over the world. Currently, Yosakoi has spread to 28 regions and countries across the globe.

In 2018, Sakuramai Poland International Team was created with the goal to enable Yosakoi dancers from around the world to experience Yosakoi in its original form at the Kochi Yosakoi Festival.
From there, they could take back the experience with them to their home country, further globalizing Yosakoi.
Consisting of 63 dancers, Sakuramai Poland International Team was able to gather members from 12 regions and countries from around the world for the 65th Kochi Yosakoi Festival.

For four months members practiced before gathering in Kochi and fulfilled their dream of dancing together.
Initially it was a concern that with only three days of actual physical rehearsal together, and with everyone coming from a different culture and speaking different languages, whether or not the team could truly dance as one.
But as the main event started, those concerns immediately disappeared as everyone was able to shine and dance with a bright smile.

After three straight days of performance, the time to part had come.
As everyone said goodbye with faces stained with tears, I saw the dancers passionately proclaim sentiments like “I’m so glad I participated! “Now I love Yosakoi even more!” “I’m so moved I got to perform in Kouchi’s Yosakoi Festival.” “I would love to return again to Kochi as an international team!”
At that moment I was immensely happy to have set up this project and was convinced that Yosakoi had become a major step in connecting this world.

2018 Sakuramai Poland International Team Promotional Video

From Kochi’s Yosakoi to the World’s Yosakoi.

We hope to continue with this tradition!

Therefore we would like to ask for your support and
It costs about 3 million yen (approx. 27,000 USD) to
participate in the festival. This includes the preparation of the regional
truck, outfits, choreography and music.
On top of this, because the participants in Sakuramai are
traveling from abroad, they need to add additional travel expenses.
Not only can plane tickets and accommodation alone easily
cost up to 200,000 yen (approx. 2,000 USD), depending on the country they are
coming from, the difference in the value of the yen and their home currency
adds considerably to this expense. Last year some members had to continually
save up for a year to cover travel costs alone.

If possible, we’d like to lessen the burden on these
participants, even by a little.
Even if it’s just the amount of a single coffee, every person’s
contribution will help become the bridge that connects Japan and the world. Any
donation is greatly appreciated.

Would you please lend us your assistance?

Donations for Participation in the 2019 Kochi Yosakoi Festival

You can set the donation amount by moving the knob on the bottom bar (We will send a thank you letter to those who contributed.) 

Naruko for one dancer
Tabi for one dancer
Outfit for one dancer
Participation fee for one dancer from overseas
Audio equipment cost
Choreography fee
Musical Composition cost
Accommodation cost for one dancer
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